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Email, Dns and Forwarding Services Launched

Today were happy to announce that our email, dns and web forwarding services are now available to all members in their account interface under manage domains. The services are available for free, while the email and dns hosting do have a premium option for those that require additional support and features.

Email Hosting

Each domain name registered with will receive 3 mailboxes and up to 100MB free, if desired the accounts can be upgraded by account number as well as disk space availability in which you pay only for what you use!  After upgrading the member can then adjust the setting in real time to receive an extension on the subscription if they are removing services, or pay an adjustment fee to increase the services for the length of the current subscription.

The email hosting provides our members the ability to create standard email accounts and/or forwards to another email address.  For premium subscribers a catch-all feature will allow you receive the emails that are sent to mailbox accounts under your domain but have not had an account created

DNS Hosting

Our Dns hosting currently provides one click access to the popular Google App Engine and Mobile Me services, if requested other “Macros” will be added to assist members when creating their dns zones.  Currently supported records are A, AAAA, SRV, NS, MX, SRV, TXT.

The premium dns service spreads your dns zone over a geographically separated cluster of dns servers. This clusters removes the possibility for a single point of failure, for your dns zone. Another benefit of the cluster is that visitors to your websites will target the closest available dns nameserver speeding up the traffic to your website. This services is available for $14.99 per year.

Web Forwarding

A common request is to forward a domain registered to another domain, our goal was to build a flexible yet powerful forwarding service. Our service can forward globally, subdomains, files and folders, and utilize wildcard elements. It is probably best described using examples;

Lets assume I want to forward all requests to to, but forward all other requests to, I would create a global forwarding record to and a second record for to The system will check all other routes for a match prior to utilizing the global forwarding option if its set.

Forwarding comes in three flavours temporary, permanent and masked. The difference between temporary and permanent is technical in that it gives the browser a different redirection code, masked is an option that allows you to keep the user on the original domain name but show the forwarded site in the browser. Masked forwarding also enables you to set the title, description and keywords for the page your displaying.

If you have any questions/comments or suggestions, please contact us via our support center!

Thank you for choosing as your registrar of choice!

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