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Affiliate Program Launched

Today is proud to announce the opening of its affiliate program, our affiliate program is unique in that it will track not only visitors the visitors that are sent via affiliate links, but also through custom coupon codes.


Marketing Methods

Affiliates have the ability to create and share their own coupon codes that upon redemption are credited with a commission.  The current commission structure is as follow, new referrals the affiliate will receive 50% of the subtotal on the first transaction.  For every transaction incurred after the original transaction the affiliate will receive 5% of the cart subtotal, an additional 5% is generated by an affiliate where a returning customer uses a coupon code marketed by an affiliate.

Coupon codes can be generated in increments of 5-20% off the subtotal of the cart, giving out affiliates the power to control the incentive while also considering their commission on the sale.

Payout options currently available are PayPal, Account Credits and Check, there is a $5.00 processing fee for check payment, as well as a minimum withdrawal of $100.00.



To elaborate with a couple examples:

John purchases a domain through an affiliate link (50% commission to the affiliate for a new customer), the next year John renews his domain and uses a coupon code (5% to the coupon code affiliate and 5% to the original affiliate who referred John)

Bob uses an affiliate coupon code during his registration and first purchase (50% commission to the affiliate for a new customer)



Our traditional affiliate links are built with tracking at the forefront so that the affiliate can monitor and track their advertising efforts. Some examples of valid affiliate links are:<affiliateCode>/tag1/tag2/tag3.html<affiliateCode>/tag1/tag2/<affiliateCode>.php

These formats allow for both for tracking, if a link is clicked with tags those tags are recorded with the visitor, but also allow for obscuring the affiliate link.  Tags can also be implemented during the creation of each marketing type. Currently these links have to produced manually but in the future we plan to have a form to build these links for you to reduce the workload.

Getting Started

To get started using our affiliate program;

  1. Register an account, if you don’t already have one
  2. Visit your account page
  3. Click on the “Join Affiliate Network” link
  4. Configure the settings for your affiliate account
  5. Visit the Marketing Methods page to create links and coupons, an initial affiliate link is created on joining
  6. Advertise your marketing method
  7. Adhere to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions


Coming Soon

  • Referrer based tracking, instead of placing a affiliate link get credited for every visitor that comes from your site
  • Custom banners with Coupon Codes integrated, generate a coupon code and receive marketing material specific to your code and % of discount
  • Suggest More


If there are any further questions or comments regarding our affiliate program please contact us via our support desk.

Thank you for choosing as your registrar of choice!


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