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Cloud Hosting Platform Launched

We at Ready Network are proud to announce the release of our new hosting platform. The platform is built on the latest cloud computer technology, providing a modern, safe and powerful environment.

Some of the features of our hosting platform are that it is built to save you money, there is no more need to decide between a small, medium, large plan. Our platform has a single plan which depending on the server you choose has an initial monthly fee and comes with a set amount of disk space and bandwidth. If at anytime a customer needs to go over those limits they pay only a set fee and only for the time they are over the limit. All billing is done hourly so that if you use extra disk space for two hours you get billed only for those two hours.

Every server deployed will have a set amount of disk space and bandwidth allocated for each account and is displayed in the pricing section of the hosting page. The initial servers were rolling out are all Linux based servers, each account is allotted 3GB of disk space and 25GB of bandwidth. By reducing the waste of over inflated hosting plans this allows our platform to operate using a lower amount of servers, providing a green hosting system.

Another exciting feature is being cloud based, this allows us to have a fully redundant system with failover in case of a hardware failure. Cloud based systems are also scalable in architecture, as we deploy servers we can start with a small footprint and scale the server up as needed, this allows us to remain priced competitively.

Our platform will provide a 20% bonus on all deposits into your hosting account, if you deposit $50.00 a $60.00 credit is applied. As an additional bonus when the domain name associated with your account comes up for renewal, our platform will renew it for you free of charge.  This is a common feature amongst hosting companies but usually one that requires you deposit $100’s to acquire, our platform will also go one further and credit the accounts $5.00 for those that decide not to have their domains on our system but still utilize our hosting infrastructure.

We know that you’ll love the hosting platform at but if for some reason you don’t, we have a full 30 day money back guarantee, so checkout the links below and setup your hosting account today;

Terms of Servers (Hosting)

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